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Yogaroots Mindful Yoga Practice


Transform your body and life with yoga

Care for your body, uncover your inner confidence and grace.

Breathing, moving, strengthening, all with mindful awareness.

The amazing positive energy that the students are bringing to their practice is very inspiring!
Every class is an oportunity to let your stress melt away and focus on being in this beautiful present moment.
Be alive and awake!

I am thrilled so many of you have chosen to continue your yoga practice with us at Yogaroots.
What we practice on the mat spills over to our daily living bringing us in closer intimate contact
with truth and authenticity which leads to a life of satisfaction and love.

All classes at Yogroots are pre-register only.

"Tara is an articulate, compassionate, and gentle teacher who speaks to all of us in a constructive yet personal way.
Her visualizations are sheer poetry making her stand out among other instructors I have experienced.
I always feel as though I have been in touch with my inner self after every class."
"Encouraging the stillness within."
"I really enjoy the variety within the routine, pace, challenge of Tara's class. And of course I <3 shavasana, Tara's guided relaxation is pure magic."
"I absolutely love the style of yoga Tara practices and as I get older I would have to say that my yoga practice is probably the most important activity for my health and spirit enriching my life in so many aspects. It has certainly become a very important part of my life and I love practicing this style of yoga and would love to immerse myself more into the study of this style of yoga."
"I have loved everything about taking restorative yoga over the last four plus years. Tara is an amazing instructor in every way. She is so knowledgeable, compassionate, spiritual and a wonderful, intuitive teacher." "I always look forward to practicing, it keeps me going, I love it !"

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