the new Yogaroots  Online studio is open!

This is the new Yogaroots Online Studio streaming platform.

It includes a library with a variety of yoga classes and access to LIVE STREAMING. Online classes are managed completely

online which means you can pay, watch, and join all through

the new Yogaroots Online site. Create your account, look at

the upcoming available live streaming classes, and browse 

the growing library of pre-recorded classes.

If you struggle with motivation to practice at home or are not

used to the online format, joining a LIVE STREAM class is the

best way to get yourself started. It is a big change for all of us

to practice together online but there is still a lovely feeling of

community and I am there to keep you focused and  give you


Unlimited Membership

This monthly membership has new classes added every week and access to the library of pre-recorded video and audio classes.

You will also have access to join live stream classes every weekday at 9:30 - 10:15 am. 

Videos will be added to your library weekly for you to do at your leisure. 

Classes vary from 10 - 90 minutes and offer something for every level of student.


$60 monthly  

Membership Lite

This monthly membership  has new classes added every week and access to the library of pre-recorded video and audio classes.

Classes vary from 10 - 30 minutes and offer something for every level of student.


$25 monthly  

I was reluctant to try the Zoom alternative; it seemed like such a meagre, second-best, COVID compromised, substitute for the real thing. However, last week I signed on and am astounded by how much is NOT lost in the Zoom mileau. Practising live with my fellow yogis and seeing them there feels like a real class. Joining live is very different than clicking on a prerecorded yoga video because it is happening in real time. I make a commitment, and I show up. So instead of doing one or two classes a week as before, I am now doing five. Rather than losing you Tara, I actually get more of you! I love the question and answer session at the end, and I LOVE that Lulu joins us on the mat, watching us all, and offering her considered critique.



Memberships auto renew each month

Cancel anytime

No refunds

If you have an outstanding credit from a cancelled class you will have already received emails regarding the amount and reimbursement options. Any requests for refunds must be received before December 31, 2020. After this date no refunds or credits will be issued. 

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I have loved everything about taking restorative yoga over the last four plus years. Tara is an amazing instructor in every way. She is so knowledgeable, compassionate, spiritual and a wonderful, intuitive teacher.

-Yogaroots Client

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