• Tara Nicole Blake

Yoga with Tara and Pets

Although zoom yoga classes online can feel more distant there is the lovely perk of expanding our yoga community by getting to know the pets as we practice together! It was inevitable that when we all started yoga classes at home it would invite our pets to become characters in our yoga practice. In is especially fun to see all the wagging tails when we finish our last om, and they know the class is done. They sleep on our mats, climb over us, bark at the doorbell, and generally demand attention, but we adapt because we love them. In particular my little dog Lulu always likes to be close by and is quite vocal during classes.


Lulu is our 15 year old Shih Tzu cross. Although she is losing her vision, hearing, and has arthritis she still shows up on the mat everyday. A dedicated yogi, Lulu is often adding her own narrative as we practice and keeping an eye on our alignment. I am sure you have heard her giving instructions!


Jasper is our young addition. At 4 years old he is very flexible and energetic, but does not have the self discipline for a regular yoga practice. We are working on it. He is sometimes wandering through the scene checking things out, or sleeping...


Murphy is our aged guru. It is a rare sign of luck if you catch a glimpse of him doing walking meditation around my mat. At 18 years old Murphy meditates a lot and has a lifetime of wise cat wisdom to bestow. He's much too chill for yoga because, of course, he already knows everything.

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