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Transform your mind and body

Counselling and Scaravelli Yoga

Tara Blake

Counsellor through Lavender Counselling
Senior yoga teacher through Yogaroots online



Tara's focus is supporting you through anxiety,  depression, medical treatment/diagnosis, and pain management. Tara's work in counselling is trauma informed and person centred with an emphasis on safety and collaboration.


Senior Yoga Teacher E-RYT500, C-IAYT

Trained in yoga by her most influential teacher Esther Myers, she also studied with Monica Voss and Sandra Sammartino. Her passion for yoga is the unfolding of movement through the breath and gravity as taught by Vanda Scaravelli. Tara's focus is returning to naturalness and ease. Moving this way through an exploration of posture and breathing is a challenging practice for beginner and advanced students alike. Using intelligent and dynamic practice and her approach to yoga is grounded in the eternal wisdom possible in each student. She has had a dedicatied vipassana meditation practice for many years and has been teaching yoga full time since in 2001.

Since the arrival of covid Tara has been leading classes online and has permanently closed the yoga studio to in person classes as of January 2022.

Yogaroots values

& safety

Consistency, dedication, and commitment to you. Quiet and reliable. I show up without  judgement and welcome everyone equally. Together we focus on clarifying  expectations and you are invited to reflect and practice in a way that feels safe for you. We practice mindful awareness of ourselves and our physical and mental limitations. 

You are responsible for your own mind and body, I respect that completely.  

& Nature

Working with the science of our mind and body, we lean into acceptance. The laws of nature and physics become  natural. We are not fighting against our own nature, we are celebrating and finding strength in what we already are. Working this way, wisdom is revealed from with with less effort. In yoga, our body begins to crave movement and it is no longer work. Vanda Scaravelli taught yoga as a direct experience of gravity and the laws of the universe that we can discover through practice. 



Using breath as a focus point we learn to read the signals from our body more clearly. We pay attention and we learn about ourselves and our dynamic way of being. 
In yoga our breath also  provides the  rhythm and pace of our practice. We work with naturally arising movement of breath,  amplified in asana. Vanda Scaravelli  spoke about breath as a wave we can ride into every pose. We can use this same 
rhythm to ride through emotion.


& Asana 

Instead of using your body to achieve a pose, use the tradition of yoga to free your body. In the end, we want to live without feeling limitations in our daily movement. We can use yoga to achieve that freedom.

Discipline and dedication are required in your practice but the reward is worth it. We intentionally do not use strict alignment 'cues' but encourage you to take responsibility for discovering the poses through consistent practice. 


I was reluctant to try the Zoom alternative; it seemed like such a meagre, second-best, COVID compromised, substitute for the real thing. However, last week I signed on and am astounded by how much is NOT lost in the Zoom mileau. Practising live with my fellow yogis and seeing them there feels like a real class. Joining live is very different than clicking on a prerecorded yoga video because it is happening in real time. I make a commitment, and I show up. So instead of doing one or two classes a week as before, I am now doing five. Rather than losing you Tara, I actually get more of you! I love the question and answer session at the end, and I LOVE that Lulu joins us on the mat, watching us all, and offering her considered critique.


I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the classes being online. There are so many types and length of classes that everyone could find one to fit their energy level and length of time that they have


I absolutely love the style of yoga Tara practices and as I get older I would have to say that my yoga practice is probably the most important activity for my health and spirit enriching my life in so many aspects. It has certainly become a very important part of my life and I love practicing this style of yoga and would love to immerse myself more into the study of this style of yoga.


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